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June 27, 2008

The new British government department of Flooding?

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Flooding is now more dangerous than terrorism? Well yes indeed, due to climate change. But wait, I thought climate change was causing terrorism as well (climate change may challenge national security). Clearly this means that flooding and other natural disasters as a result of climate change are threats to the very fabric of society just like 9/11 and the London terrorist attacks. Are memories are so short.

However, the Independent reports just that in a piece reflective of Sir Michael Pitt’s conclusions about 2007 flooding in the UK.

Pitt is quoted:

flood risk should be “brought up alongside the risk of terrorism or a major flu pandemic”. To emphasis this, there should be a government cabinet committee concerned solely with flooding…

The question is floated out, “But terrorism is a continuing threat. Weren’t these floods a one-off?”

Yes and no. There has certainly been nothing like the rainfall of last summer, at least in the rainfall records which go back to 1766. June, July and August, taken together, made the wettest summer we have ever seen, and the two critical downpours, which hit Yorkshire from Hull to Doncaster on 24 June, and the area of the Severn valley on 19 July, were probably as heavy as anything Britain has experienced. The trouble is – there are likely to be more of them…Because of climate change.

The logic here is brilliant and an easy analogy can be drawn. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was the worst natural disaster in US history, therefore a Cabinet level department should be formed called the Department of Hurricanes. That sounds like a good idea to those that would favor redistribution of income.

There are going to be “extreme rain events” over the next 30-100 years that need to be prepared for just like terrorism. Wow, talk about being proactive about a potential/theoretical problem. If only there were climate or computer models to predict terrorism.



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