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February 16, 2009

Global warming death trains due to coal plants, more James Hansen crematorium talk

Unbelievable and indefensible rhetoric.  Alas, never let a good crisis go to waste… “Rahm Emanuel”

James Hansen commentary in the Guardian

Headline and byline:

Coal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them

The government is expected to give the go-ahead to the coal-burning Kingsnorth power plant. Here, one of the world’s foremost climate experts launches an excoriating attack on Britain’s long love affair with the most polluting fossil fuel of all

The trains carrying coal to power plants are death trains. Coal-fired power plants are factories of death. When I testified against the proposed Kingsnorth power plant, I estimated that in its lifetime it would be responsible for the extermination of about 400 species – its proportionate contribution to the number that would be committed to extinction if carbon dioxide rose another 100 ppm.

This is not the first time that James Hansen has used utterly indefensible and downright toxic language with Holocaust connotations.

Flashback:  from Dot Earth 11/26/07

The statement came in testimony Dr. Hansen gave on Oct. 22 [2007] before the utilities board of his native state, Iowa. He pressed the case for forbidding the construction of new coal-burning power plants unless and until technologies were developed to capture and store the heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions. The full text of the testimony is at Dr. Hansen’s Columbia University home page,

“Coal will determine whether we continue to increase climate change or slow the human impact. Increased fossil fuel CO2 in the air today, compared to the pre-industrial atmosphere, is due 50% to coal, 35% to oil and 15% to gas. As oil resources peak, coal will determine future CO2 levels. Recently, after giving a high school commencement talk in my hometown, Denison, Iowa, I drove from Denison to Dunlap, where my parents are buried. For most of 20 miles there were trains parked, engine to caboose, half of the cars being filled with coal. If we cannot stop the building of more coal-fired power plants, those coal trains will be death trains – no less gruesome than if they were boxcars headed to crematoria, loaded with uncountable irreplaceable species.


Bill Clinton sees global warming ending civilization, cratering

When questioned by Ann Curry on the Today Show (Feb 16), Clinton ruminated:

BILL CLINTON: In the short run. In the medium-term, because I think we’ll come out of the economic crisis, terror and the spread of weapons of mass destruction are. In the long term, the prospect that the climate will crater and we won’t be able to preserve civilization is.

Mark Finkelstein’s blog

Perhaps Bubba is angling for his own Nobel Peace Prize by threatening the end of civilization.

February 10, 2009

PETA plans outdoor showering to save planet from global warming.

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Hard to argue with PETA’s advertising methods.  Now, the question is:  what will a PETA “babe” look like showering on the sidewalk?  Perhaps the cattle industry may need to send out a few ranch hands to rein in some of their lost herd…

Baton Rouge, La. — Naked behind a banner that reads, “1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers,” two PETA beauties will shower together in a busy Baton Rouge location to let consumers know that the best thing they can do for the environment is to go vegetarian.

When:  Wednesday, February 11, 1 p.m.
Where: Intersection of Third and Florida streets, Baton Rouge

U.N. scientists have determined that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, SUVs, trucks, and planes in the world combined. Researchers at the University of Chicago determined that switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering climate change than switching from a standard car to a Toyota Prius.

“It’s impossible to ‘go green’ without going vegetarian,” says PETA beauty Colleen Higgins. “Just by changing their diets, concerned people can help protect the Earth, their own health, and countless animals.”

February 9, 2009

Climate Change Derangement Syndrome (CCDS)

It is time to add to the list of psychological conditions generated by the media and furthered in an attempt to increase awareness of a liberal agenda item, talking point, or group think revelation. Previously in 2003, Charles Krauthammer, columnist and Fox News regular analyst, coined a term known as “Bush Derangment Syndrome” or BDS for short. The terminology caught on because it sounded so similar to IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a malady foisted upon television watchers during commercials, typically of the View.

Krauthammer explains, ” Bush Derangement Syndrome: the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush.”

Unfortunately there is no cure for BDS, and in the intervening years since, and one successful reelection of Bush, hundreds if not thousands of cases of BDS infection have taken place, especially in the leftist havens of Hollywood and network television newsrooms.

Yet today, we have a new syndrome, with potential legitimate medical implications called Climate Change Derangement Syndrome.  As reported in the Boston Herald, Feb. 9, 2009:

Last year, an anxious, depressed 17-year-old boy was admitted to the psychiatric unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. He was refusing to drink water. Worried about drought related to climate change, the young man was convinced that if he drank, millions of people would die. The Australian doctors wrote the case up as the first known instance of “climate change delusion.”

“Climate change could have a real impact on our psyches,” says Paul Epstein, the associate director for the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School.

There is evidence [media generated conjecture] that extreme weather events, such as droughts, floods, cyclones, and hurricanes, can lead to emotional distress, which can [maybe, who knows] trigger such things as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, in which the body’s fear and arousal system kicks into overdrive.

Of course, no one can predict what effect warming will have on our psyches.”

Sounds like we may need to expand our hospital emergency rooms with a special wing for CCDS sufferers!  But alas, the authors of the report have found a way to stave off the potentially crippling effects of CCDS:  liberal activism…

“In the long term, we may also derive some psychological benefit from banding together with other citizens to mitigate the effects of global warming. Taking action might not only give us back a sense of our own sense of efficacy against a powerful outside force, but also help us build community and social ties that offset stress, said Epstein and other specialists.

“Getting involved can be an antidote to the depression that can come from the overwhelming realizations that we have to face . . . ,” Epstein said. “It can be empowering to realize that what you do is effective.”

Thanks Paul Epstein for the wonderful suggestions on how to deal with CCDS — get involved in liberal environmental protests.  Take action.

So, in summary, here is the newly accepted definition of Climate Change Derangement Syndrome (CCDS):

An acute distancing from reality of gullible and oftentimes undereducated patients who demonstrate an extreme sensitivity to and empathy with media generated and hyped climate change doomsday scenarios.  The patient typically parrots left-wing talking points in an attempt to justify far-reaching, fascist reorganization of global economy and society.  To assuage guilt ridden consciences about the progress and prosperity of humanity at the expense of Mother Earth, a patient may waste money on carbon credits or flush otherwise useful assets down the toilet.  The overwhelming nature of the hysterical predictions in the media cause the patient to lose all sense of logic and rationality.

July 14, 2008

Global Warming: 3 degrees of separation

Sometimes it is even hard for scientists to explain a natural phenomena. The rapid development and wobbly motion of Hurricane Bertha in the North Atlantic was not well explained by hurricane center forecasters. However, they did not blame global warming but accepted that nature can be unpredictable. That is exactly why scientists enter the field of meteorology: to be able to study on a daily basis unpredictable and changing natural phenomena from tornadoes and cold fronts to thunderstorms and hurricanes.

Weather is cool. The Weather Channel, recently bought by NBC for billions of $, is a valuable property both on television and on the internet because the US economy is hugely dependent upon the weather and climate. Weather is also news.

Weather is also political. And the evolution of weather and climate as able to influence policy has coincided with a reinvigoration of the environmental movement centered largely around global warming and anti-fossil fuels agendas. The intersection of politics and science does not occur in the windowless laboratories of university offices, but in the media including newspapers, television, movies, and of course the internet. We are being assaulted with a literal tidal wave of information and suggestions for coping with climate change. But, do journalists and politicians have the appropriate expertise to digest and understand the countless studies and press releases supplied almost hourly? I argue no.

One case study from Congressman Ed Markey of Mass (D): CNS News Service
Global warming led to Darfur, Somalia (Black Hawk Down).

However, to get to this conclusion, we have to go through some hula hoops and play a game of “Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation”.

A drought occurred in Somalia in 1993 which resulted in a famine. International aid was sent to Somalia and required the United States military to send in forces to separate the groups fighting over the limited food aid. The Black Hawk Down disaster occurred because of the situation we were put into. — Markey’s conclusion from a speech to high schoolers.

It is clear that droughts occur all the time all over the globe, however, it is no secret that limited resources in an area lead to competition for said resources.

Other students who came from the World Wildlife Fund’s Alliance Southeast Climate Witness Program blamed Hurricane Katrina on global warming, which is nonsense.

Markey continued to create facts and connections which are unfounded: There now is no question that this harm is being caused by human activity. It’s warming up the planet and melting the glaciers. There is an underwater heat wave going on. The waters get warmer and warmer and that intensifies the storms and creates even greater havoc when those storms reach land.

Markey is not a dumb guy by any stretch of the imagination; he is adeptly cherry-picking scientific studies or ideas he has heard about and crafting them into a yummy cherry pie for the consumption by a highly suggestable and likely voluntarily captive audience. I am willing to bet that Markey knows he is exaggerating or to put the term bullshitting to use, talking out of his behind. Eventually these exasperating comments will fall deaf on the ears of the constituents who are more interested in feeding their families rather than be taxed into oblivion by regressive carbon taxes and domestic oil production policies.

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July 9, 2008

Gas effects: Cow farts collected in plastic tank for global warming study

The picture says it all from an article in the Telegraph: Scientists study cow farts and burps collected in a plastic tank to battle global warming.

cow fart

Argentine scientists are strapping plastic tanks to the backs of cows

Experts said the slow digestive system of cows makes them a key producer of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that gets far less public attention than carbon dioxide.

Consider the other companion studies:

Eating beef is less green than driving

Flower may hold key to cow methane reduction: mitigate global warming

Methane, which is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, is emitted at the prodigious rate of 100 to 200 litres a day by the average dairy cow, mainly from the front end, according to Michael Abberton of the Institute.

July 5, 2008

Only seven years left to stop global warming, increase taxes

Bleak warnings. Tipping points. Running out of time. Too late to do anything.

Yet, the EU for the past 3 years has implemented carbon trading schemes, which tax economic activity that relies on emissions of carbon dioxide. After these 3 years, it is still getting worse? So what was the benefit of the EU’s taxation scheme on carbon if global warming is going to become irreversible in 7 years? Clearly, according to recent polls (Most Britons Doubt Climate Change), at least the British are keen to the scientists overstating the certainty of their theories/results/ideas.

So, on July 4, Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered another bleak assessment to the world: (AFP article cited)

only seven years remained for stabilising emissions of global-warming gases at a level widely considered safe…we would have to stabilise the greenhouse-gas concentration at more or less the level at which we are today.

“(…)But in order to do that, we have a window of opportunity of only seven years because emissions will have to peak by 2015 and reduce after that. We cannot permit a longer delay.


We cannot PERMIT a longer delay? This type of language is a bad sign coming from the head of a scientific group like the IPCC, or is it better described as a Political Action Committee these days? Why the urgency all of a sudden again? Well it is likely that the IPCC and the socialists believe that the public is losing interest because even after paying through the nose all of these new taxes, nothing is being accomplished.

Thus, it is timee to start blaming heat waves and floods and other current weather events on global warming. Gone is the usual refrain that “one cannot attribute one individual hurricane, flood, or heat wave to global warming”. Now scientists have concluded that yes! they have become more frequent because of climate change and we are seeing it now. This attribution science is very shaky at best and many conclusions are unfounded for sure.

Pachauri also sounded a note of caution about the 2 C (3.6 F) figure, as evidence was mounting that climate change was accelerating faster than thought. Heatwaves and floods were increasing, and higher temperatures were having a far-reaching effect on glaciers and snowfall.

The term “acceleration of global warming” will be the new and improved lingo during the next several months, as the IPCC and the socialists attempt to scare the hell out of the world once again.

June 28, 2008

Climate change searches: Google trends show waning interest.

A popular and easy tool to track the evolution of internet search engine requests is provided by Google Trends.


Each week, there are countless news pieces and press releases concerning zillions of climate change impacts, aspects, and prognostications about the atmosphere, ocean, and biosphere.

When searching for “climate change”, the following Google Trends plot is produced:

The change-points are labeled A-F with the most significant being the release of the IPCC climate change report beginning in early 2007.  After the Nobel Peace Prize presentation (F), and the beginning of Northern Hemisphere winter, interest in climate change crashed in late December 2007.  The bottom time series indicates a drop off in news reference volume going into 2008 that has not reached the hysteric levels of 2007.

This chart includes worldwide searches, with the rankings according to region stacking up as follows:

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. South Africa
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Canada
  6. Ireland
  7. Singapore
  8. India
  9. United States
  10. Switzerland

It follows that the top 6 out of 7 cities are located in Australia with the first three being Canberra, Adelaide, and Sydney.

In the United States, the top state searching for climate change is Vermont, with the District of Colombia, Alaska, Maine, and New Hampshire finishing the top-5, respectively.  The number one city is Boulder CO, where the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is located and is heavily involved in climate change research.  Very few surprises here.  The more liberally oriented (blue states) areas of the country tend to care more about envrionmental issues such as climate change.

A similar plot can be produced for “global warming” searches.  The drop off over the past few months is similar to the fall-off seen in the “climate change” search.  Interest in hurricanes has become almost non-existent.  With the exception of the 2004 and 2005 seasons, in which the 4-Florida landfalls and Katrina/Rita lit up the news wires, the past 30 months have seen little interest.


June 27, 2008

Recycled! The North Pole will be ice-free in xxx years…

Disingenuous headline and Drudge highlighting it. Exclusive: No ice at the North Pole
This story has been recycled over and over and is hardly an “exclusive”.

April 2008: Lifted quotes or new ones? from Mark Serreze…see below.

All of the stories about the North Pole being ice-free blame climate change. Well, technically that is correct, there is indeed a change in climate in the Arctic. However, to say it is simply a result of global warming is an incomplete statement. There are glimmers of understanding in some of the articles, as I shall point out, as well as some misinformation.

Loss Arctic ice would not contribute significantly to rising sea levels – one of the most feared predictions of global warming. When floating ice melts, it does not raise the water level.

But first a timeline of headlines:
Sept 20, 2006: Arctic ice melt shocks scientists

The obligatory polar bear picture from the article: sdf

But this year’s images are unprecedented, and fierce storms that fragmented and scattered already thin pack ice may be to blame, the scientists believe.

March 16, 2007: Forecast: An iceless Arctic summer
Sept 14, 2007: Satellites witness lowest Arctic ice coverage in history History means since 1978 !
Dec 12, 2007: Arctic Sea Ice Gone in Summer Within Five Years?

What happens in the Arctic has implications for the rest of the world. Faster melting there means eventual sea level rise and more immediate changes in winter weather because of less sea ice…In the United States, a weakened Arctic blast moving south to collide with moist air from the Gulf of Mexico can mean less rain and snow in some areas, including the drought-stricken Southeast, said Michael MacCracken, a former federal climate scientist who now heads the nonprofit Climate Institute.

This is nonsense. The Arctic is completely ice covered during the fall and winter months and well into the spring. It would take an orbital change of the Earth or a change in its tilt to change this fact. The drought connection is simply bad meteorology and ridiculous.

Tipping Point

NASA scientist James Hansen, the lone-wolf researcher often called the godfather of global warming, on Thursday was to tell scientists and others at the American Geophysical Union scientific in San Francisco that in some ways Earth has hit one of his so-called tipping points, based on Greenland melt data

Last year, Cecilia Bitz at the University of Washington and Marika Holland at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado startled their colleagues when they predicted an Arctic free of sea ice in just a few decades. Both say they are surprised by the dramatic melt of 2007.

Bitz, unlike others at NASA, believes that “next year we’ll be back to normal, but we’ll be seeing big anomalies again, occurring more frequently in the future.”

Everyone is always surprised.

And that normal, she said, is still a “relentless decline” in ice.
April 25, 2008: North Pole could be ice free in 2008
April 27, 2008: ABC News: North Pole Could be Ice-Free in 2008

“The set-up for this summer is disturbing,” says Mark Serreze, of the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

But, this does not sound so disturbing:

Despite its news value in the media, the North Pole being ice free is not in itself significant. To scientists, Serreze points out, “this is just another point on the globe“. What is worrying, though, is the fact that multi-year ice – the stuff that doesn’t melt in the summer – is not piling up as fast as Arctic ice generally is melting.

Moreover, an atmospheric phenomenon known as the Arctic oscillation kicked into its strong, “positive”, phase this winter. This is known to generate winds which push multi-year ice out of the Arctic along the east coast of Greenland.

So, it is not global warming or what? It is ferocious storms and the Arctic oscillation climate pattern.

The new British government department of Flooding?

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Flooding is now more dangerous than terrorism? Well yes indeed, due to climate change. But wait, I thought climate change was causing terrorism as well (climate change may challenge national security). Clearly this means that flooding and other natural disasters as a result of climate change are threats to the very fabric of society just like 9/11 and the London terrorist attacks. Are memories are so short.

However, the Independent reports just that in a piece reflective of Sir Michael Pitt’s conclusions about 2007 flooding in the UK.

Pitt is quoted:

flood risk should be “brought up alongside the risk of terrorism or a major flu pandemic”. To emphasis this, there should be a government cabinet committee concerned solely with flooding…

The question is floated out, “But terrorism is a continuing threat. Weren’t these floods a one-off?”

Yes and no. There has certainly been nothing like the rainfall of last summer, at least in the rainfall records which go back to 1766. June, July and August, taken together, made the wettest summer we have ever seen, and the two critical downpours, which hit Yorkshire from Hull to Doncaster on 24 June, and the area of the Severn valley on 19 July, were probably as heavy as anything Britain has experienced. The trouble is – there are likely to be more of them…Because of climate change.

The logic here is brilliant and an easy analogy can be drawn. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was the worst natural disaster in US history, therefore a Cabinet level department should be formed called the Department of Hurricanes. That sounds like a good idea to those that would favor redistribution of income.

There are going to be “extreme rain events” over the next 30-100 years that need to be prepared for just like terrorism. Wow, talk about being proactive about a potential/theoretical problem. If only there were climate or computer models to predict terrorism.


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