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June 11, 2008

Article XXXI of Kucinich Impeachment of Bush: Katrina


President Bush should have foreseen the ravages of Hurricane Katrina and “predicted” this disaster and prepared the federal government machine to “protect life and property” according to Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment articles.

…given decades of
foreknowledge of the dangers of storms to New Orleans and specific forewarning in the days prior to
the storm…

This type of statement is almost as credible as saying that Bush caused Katrina or global warming caused by Bush caused Katrina. Either way you look at it, Bush is responsible for the decades of decrepit living standards in New Orleans perpetrated by the Democrat Party in charge of the city and state. However, that has come to an end…Bobby Jindal … Just as Carter brought us Reagan, Katrina gave us Jindal.


The predictable increased strength of hurricanes such as Katrina has been identified by scientists for years, and yet the Bush Administration has denied this science and restricted such information from official reports, publications, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency’s website. Donald Kennedy, editor-in-chief of Science, wrote in 2006 that “hurricane intensity has increased with oceanic surface temperatures over the past 30 years. The physics of hurricane intensity growth … has clarified and explained the thermodynamic basis for these observations. [Kerry] Emanuel has tested this relationship and presented convincing evidence.”

This is poppycock. The Emanuel study was published 4 weeks prior to Katrina! Also, how does Bush divine the future and know that Science would declare “hurricane intensity has increased…” in 2006? NOAA scientists are continuing to investigate the linkages between Hurricanes and global warming even though some have said the science is settled (Al Gore). In fact, and surprisingly so to alarmists, the relationship between sea-surface temperature warming and hurricane intensity is not all that well understood. Global warming has little impact in tropical storms and hurricane numbers, NOAA reports
That doesn’t sound so cut and dried after all. This is bad science and a reflection of over 5 years of bad media reporting on the issue. No one in the tropical cyclone research field will challenge this, speak up, or say anything to the contrary. Academics are typically lefists and asserting cover-ups is getting just plain old.

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